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With years of experience working with big international brands and also small local business owners, I have developed a unique knowledge and understanding of what different business' need in order to grow and accelerate pass their competition. I have work in shops worldwide such as point of sale and packaging in Triumph, John Lewis and all the major supermarkets as well as branding a whole range of successful business'.


Whether you work for yourself or you are an international company I can design your way to the top.

Welcome to my website! Are you wondering how to promote your business? Do you have a great idea but don't know how to present it to the world? Are you tired of your current brand and want something more exciting? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, then you've come to the right place!


Allow me to use my vast skills and experience as a graphic and website designer to create something amazing, something that is truly unique to you. I have the knack of capturing a company and creating something that will reflect not only who you are but something that lets you connect to your target market on a personal level. In other words I create designs you can be proud of.

Hi I'm Georgia-Mae I am a graphic and website designer from a little town called Gloucester. I have always loved design. I like how it combines both computer knowledge and artistic creativity to create visuals from websites to magazines. Everything you own, wear, read and the packaging they come in have some design element to them. As a designer I convey messages to the world but in a pretty aesthetically pleasing way. I love how you can express yourself through your work. Every designer has their own style, it represents them, their views and creative influences from the world around them.


Another thing that go me into design was knowing that there is so many different pathways you can explore. I started off as a designer who could only use Photoshop, creating posters and flyer's. I then learnt how to use adobe Illustrator and started designing logos and then using InDesign I started designing brochures and Muse for websites etc. It has also helped me open up my creativity to crafts and learning how to draw.


I now can't walk through a shop without looking at all the packaging or store POS or even getting excited when font websites have a sale on... but that's how I like it. It gives me the freedom of designing for digital and print and it's so much fun creating something from scratch and conveying a message visually.


My priority is you and I design everything with you in mind! I spend time to get to know you and your business. I will do what I can, to turn your dreams into a success. I will work every step of the way with you to make sure that you love it and it's something you will be proud to show off and put your brand to.

As I mentioned above I put a lot of passion and dedication into every piece of work I do and I hope that comes across to you. You can find a design to design something for you but unless they have passion it's just another design that won't stand out or reflect you. I spend time to get to know you and your company and this is reflected in the designs I produce.


Trends change everyday so I ensure that I stay bang on trend meaning you can keep one step ahead! You don't want your competition storming ahead because their designer knows about the current trends. You want the confidence that your designer will help you keep up and exceed the competition.


I work with a lot of other creatives from photographers to videographers which can help on any project. It's useful to know people in this industry, Having a team of photographers and videographers there when I need them is great!


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I also offer a whole range of services for weddings from invites to wedsites.





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